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Exemplar Research Group partners with clients to effectively manage the human side of risk. Profitability is increased by avoiding high risk employees and identifying the best performers. By using employee testing assessments that utilize decades of university validated research, clients have reduced their insurance claims and premiums.

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Predictive Behavior Profile

Predictive Analytics forHiring New Employees

The Predictive Behavior Profile is a pre-employment personality assessment designed to identify high-risk candidates before making a hiring decision.

What It Does:

It identifies applying candidates with personality traits that can/may have a negative impact on job performance, auto accidents, workers’ compensation claims, unexcused absences and turnover.

How Does It Help Me:

By hiring superior employees, you can reduce your company’s perceived risk and liability insurance costs, as well as reduce frequency and severity of workers’ compensation and automobile claims while ensuring a quality work force.

Cognitive Aptitude Assessment

Predictive Analytics for Hiring and Promoting Employees

The Cognitive Aptitude Assessment is a mental evaluation that uses predictive analytics for hiring and promoting employees by measuring verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, spatial reasoning, logic, basic math skills and basic knowledge.

What It Does:

This assessment identifies the candidates’ s strengths and developmental opportunities by measuring their fluid or crystallized intelligence. The employer can manually adjust the setting (average score range) to the specific job they are hiring for.

How Does It Help Me:

By promoting and hiring employees who are more likely to successful for a job position, you can help to ensure that the best people are being placed in the best position for leadership, productivity and efficiency while safeguarding company culture and standards.

Are you an Insurance Agent?

“Adding the Predictive Behavior ProfileTM to our screening process was like finding the missing tool for our toolbox. Since using the Profile, our “new hire” workers comp claims are down from $497,525 to $137,620, a 72% reduction…”


“Using Exemplar Research Groups Predictive Behavior Profile has given Orbis Holding Group a clear advantage over our competition. Our clients often seek out our services because they have struggled with workers compensation claims.”

Amy Wentrack
Orbis Holding Group

“I estimate that we have reduced our cost of risk by $263,000 annually using The Predictive Behavior Profile. The results are unbelievable, our worker’s comp severity costs plummeted by 68.9% over the last 18 months.”


Here are some results our clients have had

71% Reduction

in workers comp claim severity

17% reduction

in auto accident claims


in unexcused absences

83% lower

employee turnover

25 years

of validated research

20 minutes

to complete the personality survey

30 seconds

to see the test results

Get the edge over your competition

Pay less for your workers compensation and auto insurance. Your insurance premiums are based on the real and perceived risk of claims you pose to your insurance carrier and one of the greatest risk you have is your own employees. Here is why, companies don’t have accidents only employees can have an accident. By actively avoiding high risk employees the lower your claims and premiums will be.

How high risk employees affect your company


Claims gives the carrier a justifiable reason to increase your insurance premiums


It targets you for lawsuits, OSHA and The Department of labor scrutiny


Workers comp claims increases your experience modification driving up premiums

Identify and avoid high-risk high-cost employees

Exemplar Research Group has developed the one and only personality survey that has criterion- validation to reduce workers compensation claim severity and future driving infractions.

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